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Designer of MGDY Design | Sahra Eldaly

Growing up I have always had a profound love and passion for anything creative. Whether it was sitting with my Grandmother learning the inner workings of jewelry making, or listening to my father playing his records in the basement I always had a creative outlet. When starting the journey I had to learn to create with what I had. I learned that I was able to make something out of was once nothing. I've had the opportunity to explore historical places and create beautiful pieces. When creating my pieces I use pieces that I have access too and create them into new pieces of jewelry. Turning nothing into something is what keeps my passion alive.

"What was this glass bowl used for before I found it? I wonder who wore this vintage coat before it was considered vintage? If I am able to take this bead off of this clasp I can create a new piece of jewelry. " -My Daily thoughts

MGDY design is a combination of styles that allows people to express themselves in a different way. I always try to express myself in the most comfortable and creative way. The journey were on is going to be a wild one so be sure to stay tuned for what is to come! 

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