Coral Hamsa

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Our Stretch Coral Hamsa Bracelet is an arrangement of hand selected coral beads. Each bracelet is perfect by itself or layer up with other stretch and chain bracelets! Each bracelet is hand picked in color combinations to fit any style. 


Each bracelet is standard bracelet size of 7.5 inches. Each strung on elastic cord. Finished with an antiqued brass Hamsa charm.


C O R A L |

Coral will support you in your period of change and transformation. It will show you how you should value the past but not hesitate to embrace the future. You should never say no to having a beautiful new world and accepting the challenges that this new world can offer! It will make you realize that it’s in your struggles and hardships that you will find the best kind of lessons and experiences. Coral will also remind you that you need to swim life’s oceans if you wish to see what’s out there in the horizon. Catch as many waves as you can and open yourself to new experiences! The energies of Coral will deter any kind of negative thought. It will promote honesty, truthfulness, and positivity.