Hope Water Project


Hope is the desire for certain things to happen. We hope to be able to buy a new car, hope we can get that new bag we've been eyeing at the boutique downtown, hope we can make it to the concert next month. We are always hoping for things. In places like Kenya and the people of the Pokot tribe, the biggest hope is the hope for clean water. 

This very fact is what is driving our latest project—The Hope Project

With the purchase of one of our beautiful turquoise beaded bracelets, finished with a stamped gold coin, you can turn the hope of water into a reality and make a difference. Every time you look down at your wrist, you will know you did. 

Over the past thirteen years, Kensington Church has entered into a partnership with the Pokot Outreach Ministry (POM) to provide HOPE –one clean water well at a time.

50% of your purchase will be distributed directly to the Hope Water Project, which has installed over 100 clean water wells in Kenya since 2005.


Help us drill fresh water wells in Kenya with the purchase of a bracelet today!